Good morning world.

Good morning world, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are in this one, all together, we are seeing many diverse groups and people here in The UK  start to think more of each other, show care and are now starting to steer the ship of humanity in one direction, all puling together in one common cause, this enormous “blip” in all of our very diverse ways of life, is temporary, within a year we will have a vaccine and the virus will be firmly put away. Many people are noticing changes of attitude, which I hope some of this good will move with us, as we put this behind us.

It is nice to be  reflective, and to change many of our bad habits and ideas, but life does go on and The UK government has put into place massive provisions, never heard of before, so when we start moving forward, faster than we are at the moment, we will all be ready to pick up where we left off, having taking forward much good we have learnt. My work rate has increased with this new found time being at home, now able to explore and do so much more:

Walking outside with my wife during the day.

Putting to use my recently purchased rowing machine

Being able to spend 2 x 30 minute slots per day practising my Ukulele

Posting Youtube videos.

Adding content to my blogs.

Following the financial markets and investing, now is the time to go in, Not out.

It would be good if we saw the wonderful things that are happening in this country , also take place between nations, I am sure there is a great deal of goodwill  and collaboration out there, now  is the time for  much more.

To help you realise how big the world is, I list all of the countries:



All Countries





All comments are most welcome, until next time, take care.

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