We recently met the author of this book and purchased a copy.


We recently met the author of this book and purchased a copy, the book put forward the most interesting idea. We are looking at adapting the idea so we could live on £5000 per year. You can buy a copy from here:


Details about the book and author:

About the Book
What if a simple policy could raise wages, make housing affordable, eliminate homelessness and greatly reduce poverty while creating satisfying jobs, boosting national wealth production, encouraging environmentally sustainable behaviour as well as improving food quality, health and security? The Countryside Living Allowance explains how supplying just £5000 per year to people living in the countryside can achieve all these things and more. This book elaborates on the economics of this panacea including Henry George’s “Law of Wages” and the important phenomenon of “benefit amplification” and explains how this policy can be implemented in the U.K. on a realistic budget and used to later phase in a general basic income. This small booklet is a source of hope and optimism, for all those concerned about the way things are heading, which points a simple path of action to a brighter future for all humanity.

John McCone

Cambridgeshire, UK

John McCone grew up in Ireland. He graduated at experimental Physics at trinity and went on to measure vortex flow and carbon impurity in fusion plasmas at CCFE in Oxfordshire. He then worked as principle spectroscopist at General Fusion, a technology company developing a magnetized target fusion reactor.
A man of many interests, John dabbled in politics and was senator of Europe United, a fellow of the prestigious Cambridge-based E3 foundation and has served on the board of Village Vancouver, a Transition Initiative aimed at building local resilient economies and self-reliant, caring communities.
Throughout his career he was concerned by the lack of direction in moral and political thought when compared with the boundless speed of scientific progress and has pondered why this was the case and how this issue could be systematically resolved. John currently writes political and moral philosophy while serving as ambassador for The Seasteading Institute.