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Buying, selling, researching shares, how do you do it? Follow me as I trade with my own money and weave my way through the never ending fascinating business world where you can learn so much about companies and industries from all over our Planet : Gold Mines, Petrol Retailers, House Builders, Food Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Medical Care Providers, Vaccine Manufacturers, Coca-Cola, Banks, Newspapers, Gambling Companies, Nokia, Amazon, Apple Facebook, if it is a business, you can buy a part of it and share the profits and  hopefully not the losses. This is  my never ending adventure where I learn every day. You are more than welcome to watch, comment and ask questions, as my site suggests: youaremovingup.com. So please join me in this real time, real life, real money trading adventure.

Thankyou from youaremovingup.com