Author: Sandy Fleet

Price to book value ratio

Price to book value ratio, Financial Ratios, this is probably one of the most important tools I use when reviewing shares to possibly invest in. Watch the video as I explain with examples. None of my videos are giving financial advice, just watch what I do live with my own money. Any comments or questions are welcome and all will be replied to. Please subscribe.

sell some stocks, trading 212

Watch this video where I take a look at the total number of shares I hold on the trading 212 app, decide by analysing the stocks, then sell some for profits all shown real time. . This is not financial advice. All comments and questions are welcomed and all will be replied to. Please subscribe.

Oil Shares Price

Oil Shares take a look at the 11 Oil Companies held in my portfolio, how they have performed and what next? This is not financial advice, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, all questions and comments are welcome and will be replied to.