What is SETSqx

What is SETSqx? setsqx trading platform, watch live as I decide to not to buy shares in Applegreen, I have been waiting 2 days with a buy order, could be same when trying to sell. Hope you find this tip useful, join me in future videos where we look at my day to day activity in trading shares, see my portfolios and watch me use various platforms.This in not investment advice, I am not a financial adviser, invest at your own risk etc

2 thoughts on “What is SETSqx

  1. Hello, I never bought stocks before, but I been doing research on the 5g microchip revolution. The next generation. I read there was a stock price at 3 to 4 dollars with Xilinx but it comes in at 107 a share. Your thoughts. At 58 I’m very much concerned on my finances! Need to make something happen.. Thx. Vince


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