freetrade dividends

freetrade dividends, here in my video we look at the shares I hold in my portfolio on freetrade platform, and look at price paid and date, also we look at the dividend payouts received, amount and date. Portfolio Shares Freetrade CIVITAS SOCIAL, PRIMARY HEALTH, J.P.M.E.M $ GOVNT BOND, IMPERIAL BRANDS, STARBUCKS, DERWENT LONDON, BRITISH LAND, VANGUARD FTSE 250, AT&T, TRITAG BIG BOX, GREAT POTLAND ESTATES, AVIVA, STANDARD CHARTERED, SSE, HSBC, ISHARES FTSE 100, ISHARES S&P 500, WPP, BP, VODAFONE, M&S, PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES, WPP, VODAFONE, WILLIAM HILL, 888, RIGHTMOVE, BARATT, HURRICANE ENERGY, GRAINGER, ON THE BEACH, IBSTOCK, SOUND ENERGY, GRAINGER, RENEWABLE INFRASTRUCTURES, BUSHVELD, This in not investment advice, I am not a financial adviser, invest at your own risk etc.

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