BP – in our search for UK based oil companies – Good Profit Potential.

BP – in our search for UK based oil companies to invest in, BP is the largest company. Good Profit Potential.

BP at a glance We are an integrated energy business with operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. Key facts Countries of operation 79 Number of employees 70,100 Sales and other operating revenues $278 billion Underlying replacement cost profit $10.0 billion Barrels of oil equivalent produced per day (a) 3.8 million Proved reserves (a) 19,341 million barrels of oil equivalent New exploration access 58,000 square kilometres Retail sites Approximately 18,900 Refinery throughputs per day 1.7 million barrels Petrochemicals produced 12.1 million tonnes As at, or for the year ended, 31 December 2019. OUR OTHER UK BASED OIL COMPANIES WE ARE INVESTING IN: PREMIER OIL, TULLOW OIL, ENQUEST, ROCKHOPPER EXPLORATION, PHAROS ENERGY, CAIRN ENERGY. WE HAVE MANY MORE VIDEOS FEATURING OUR UK OIL COMPANY INVESTMENT PROJECT. youaremovingup.com

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