We are always looking for investment and saving ideas, we have noticed the large number of book summaries that are posted on Youtube, these are a good introduction to a book, especially if you look at more than one summary on the same book . We have just started reading a classic book

, after watching some book summaries on Youtube. There is nothing like owning the actual book as there is much in the book that is not mentioned in the videos and we have found this book is a must for you to own if you want to invest in your self. We got our copy from a proper book shop, it may be a pound dearer, but we love going into bookshops and must support them. So go to your local bookshop and buy a copy. The cost is  less than £10, which will probably be one of the best investments you can make. We are writing this post to help you invest in yourself and to ask you to support local book shops.

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