I decided to “shake up my day”

I decided to “shake up my day” I acted upon this statement:
“If you do the same you will get the same”
I did the following, which are a change from my daily routine:
Got up half hour earlier.
Ate a different type breakfast.
Took a different route to work.
Drank green tea in place of coffe.
Went for a walk at lunch time.
Only looked at and dealt with work e mails at set times during the day.
At the end of work day I cleared my desk and made a work to do list for the next day.
Took a different route home.
Went for a walk before eating.
Read a chapter of a book aloud to my wife.
Spent a concentrated hour working on my blog.
Did not eat supper, just had a hot drink.
In all I made 12 definite changes to my routine. The result is I feal less tied, have more energy, I am proactive instead of reactive much more in control and have been very productive.
Why don’t you have a go at shaking up your life.Start with picking just one thing to do different.

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