The power and sound of the sea.

The power and sound of the sea, while on holiday in Cornwall, we like to investigate different parts of the coastline, at St Ives there are several beaches in bays, some are south facing and sandy, the one in the video faces the Atlantic, even though it was a calm day you can still see and hear the power of the waves as they break over the granite lumps. I decided to take this video crouched down looking out at the sea and watched the rhythmic advance and retreat of the waves, while hearing the roar of the advancing waves and the explosion as the wave is torn into white foam and spray as the rocks send the sea sucking back in retreat to re energise ready to advance again with the next pulse of curling white salty energy.
If you need to take time out and calm down and reconnect with the mighty power of nature, put your headphones on and watch this video, for 60 seconds you will be transported to the south west coat and watch the force of the Atlantic.
We live in a different part of the country where we are not close to the sea, and the coast in our area has a very placid behaving sea compared to the Atlantic facing coast of Cornwall, so this video helps to transport us the 400 miles to the coast.

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