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dividend shares

Dividend shares, here we explain how you earn passive income by owning shares that pay a dividend. This is not financial advice. youaremovingup.com All questions and comments are most welcome and all will be replied to. Please Subscribe.

GOLD PRICE watch now

GOLD PRICE UK WATCH. We keep a regular watch on the price of gold and reveal the best way to invest in gold. This is not financial advice, I just show you what I am doing on my investing adventure. investandsaveingold.com youaremovingup.com Please subscribe.

take profit trading 212

take profit trading 212, here we take a look at my portfolio and decide to sell 2 stocks, take a profit now as they have a predicted down side. Easyjet & Danaos. This is not investment advice. investandsaveingold.com youaremovingup.com Send comments, ask questions, all will receive a reply. Please subscribe.

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market, Review.

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market, Review of my investment. here we look at the performance of the shares I have purchased based on the method of value investing as described in this book. investandsaveingold.com youaremovingup.com This is not financial advice. Comments and questions, all are welcome and all will receive a reply. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE – This motivates me and helps to promote my channel.